'The Fix' gives Marcia Clark a trial do-over

There are few do-overs in life, but O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark gets one -- even if it's fictionalized -- with "The Fix," an ABC drama that hews just closely enough to that case to spur interest before veering into an exaggerated lane. NBC, meanwhile, drives straight into a creative ... Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

'The Inventor' charts rise and fall of Theranos

Anyone who thinks Theranos is the villain in the next Avengers movie really needs to watch "The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley," in which Alex Gibney does for Elizabeth Holmes and her biotech firm what he did for Enron -- namely, expose and eviscerate them. Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Divers' finding named oldest in the world

Researchers from England discovered what is now considered to be the world's oldest astrolabe -- used in the 1500s by famed explorer Vasco da Gama. Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Meghan McCain: Trump 'will never be a great man'

Meghan McCain on Monday continued her fierce pushback against President Donald Trump, who over the weekend revived his long-running feud with her father, the late Sen. John McCain. Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

NYT: Saudi prince authorized team to silence dissenters

The Saudi crown prince authorized a secret campaign to silence dissenters that included kidnapping, detention and torture of Saudi citizens - over a year before the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, according to a New York Times report. Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Rep. Steve King shares meme touting red states in potential modern-day civil war

Rep. Steve King, whose history of making racist remarks has recently come under scrutiny, shared a Facebook post over the weekend that boasts red states would "win" a fight against blue states ? and that they have "8 trillion bullets." Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Analysis: Donald Trump's craziest day ever on Twitter

On Sunday, President Donald Trump sent out 29(!) tweets and retweets. Which, in and of itself, is a remarkable thing to say about the chief executive of the United States. (A prolific tweeter and retweeter myself, I sent out 15 tweets on Sunday. And, relatedly, I am not the president ... Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Kendall Jenner in bikini su Instagram

╚ bastato questo post sul suo profilo Instagram per incantare i fan di tutto il mondo. A soli 23 anni, la bellissima top Kendall Jenner conta su un seguito di oltre 106 milioni di follower, un numero sempre in crescita. Questa volta torna a posare in uno shooting (poco vestita) ... Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

Il Principe Carlo Ŕ sedotto da Letizia di Spagna. Insieme alla National Gallery

Solo qualche giorno fa, nel cuore di Londra, si Ŕ inaugurata la "Spanish Mothers of Lights", una mostra della National Gallery. L"evento ha visto la partecipazione del Principe Carlo che, in veste di sovrano d"Inghilterra, ha rappresentato tutta la comunitÓ londinese. Alla mostra per˛ ha preso parte anche la splendida ... Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19

George Clooney: amore a Edimburgo (ma per una giusta causa) con la moglie Amal

Lui Ŕ il sexy symbol di Hollywood, presto in tv come una nuova produzione a stelle e strisce, lei Ŕ avvocatessa che si batte per i diritti umanitari. George Clooney e consorte sono la coppia del momento: belli e terribilmente innamorati. Dopo la serata di gala al National Gallery di ... Read More ...
Posted on: 03/18/19



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